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Artificial Turf Flooring

Artificial Turf For Sports Tournaments, Corporate Events & Tent Functions Nationwide

American Turf and Carpet is a world leader in providing artificial turf for special events. Our turf can been seen at prestigious golf tournaments, corporate events, and tented functions nationwide.

Not all artificial turf is created equal…that's why American Turf and Carpet offers a complete line of artificial turf products to suit every floor covering need, application, and budget.

From lightweight low-density artificial turf to thick, heavy-duty artificial turf, we offer a number of different styles of turf to choose from:

ChoiceTurf™ – Mid-grade budget turf a step above the rest

Our most popular turf that offers a balance between cost and quality. Its thicker and fuller than most other budget turf offerings and lays more evenly, which makes for a better looking, more effective event space.

Brown Tan



Grey Black

Hunter Green

Marina Blue




Ultra Blue



UltimaTurf™ – High-quality event turf; great carpet substitute

Rich, plush, and luxurious, UltimaTurf™ is designed to provide the look and feel of carpet at the cost of event turf. Suitable for indoors and out, this turf is durable and is meant to be treated just like standard event carpet. UltimaTurf is built to last for multi-day events and you can wash and vacuum it just as you would carpet to keep it looking good as new for the entire duration of your event.

PremierTurf - Ivory
PremierTurf - Black
Forest Green
PremierTurf - Black
PremierTurf - Black
Ultra Blue
PremierTurf - Black

Nationwide Installations

American Turf and Carpet has been installing commercial and event carpet and turf for over
20 years!


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