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Specialty Surfaces For Events

When you need a completely custom floor for your event or party, call us!

American Turf and Carpet's Specialty Surfaces category describes flooring that normally defies description or does not yet exist. We aren't limited to stock on hand: our resources allow us to create vivid and outrageous solutions for your wildest ideas. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Are you trying to recreate a portion of your favorite athletic field for an event using synthetic grass, like the floor we designed for the NFL Draft Store? Do you need a few thousand square feet of wood-grained vinyl for your political party's event or a genuine hardwood floor for a tent? Are you trying to find pure white turf that looks like snow for an indoor ski-simulator you've built? Have you been dreaming about long rolls of bright yellow vinyl for a Wizard of Oz themed party?

We can put turf on top of your turf, or carpet on top of your carpet. We can run carpet straight up your walls and across your ceiling, or put it under a giant, twenty-foot tall fiberglass shoe you happen to have on site. Is your furniture boring? Would it look more appropriate for your event covered in grassy turf? We've done that, too.

Strange products you'd like for your project but have never been able to find, unusual texture and color combinations, one-of-a-kind designs and custom applications: it's all possible with ATC.

We can work with:

Hardwood/Laminate Flooring

To make a truly elegant statement, take advantage of our expertise in working with temporary and permanent hardwood products. We've done everything from an enormous round dance floor with an inset starburst design to an entire ballroom covered with inlaid logos of darker wood. Hardwoods can also take your outdoor tent event to another level.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl sheet and tile flooring materials are available in countless styles and colors and allow for great flexibility when designing eye-catching spaces. Different textures, simulated wood or stone, wild colors: it's all possible. We have years of experience creating inlaid designs for logos and can mix vinyl with many other materials to create unique installations.

Rubber flooring

If you're looking for something striking and unexpected, you might want to consider rubber. Not only is it easy for our expert team to install, but you can choose between rolled rubber that works well for permanent installs or interlocking tiles that can be easily set up and broken down. Because rubber is easily cut, unusual designs, logos or specialty branding can be incorporated into the finished floor.

Specialty Turfs and Synthetic Grass

Ordinary flooring products can be used in new and unusual ways: we can use synthetic turf to turn a ballroom floor into grassy forest ground that is so seamless you'll swear you're outside. In fact, we can cover pretty much anything in turf: floors, walls, ceilings, even furniture can be covered in synthetic grass to achieve a garden party topiary effect.


Our extensive experience installing quality carpet also allows us to do some unusual and eye-catching things with it. Anything is possible: we can mix piles and types of carpet to add texture and interest, run stripes of carpet right up the walls, and create completely custom designs, no matter how large or complex the space.

Unconventional carpet

There is no limit to what we can do for you: we are not limited by stock on hand, standard colors, or popular styles. Let your imagination run wild, or give us a call and let ours do all the work for you.

ClearStep Printed Vinyl

When your project calls for high-visibility branding, ATC's durable ClearStep can be printed with any design or corporate logo and is ideal for trade shows, product showrooms, retail spaces, bars, restaurants, or anywhere else you need to make a statement. The design is reverse-printed and will never come into contact with customer traffic, so your floor will last much longer than one that relies on traditional printing methods. ClearStep is available in a variety of easy-to-clean surface textures and is perfect for portable or permanent installations.

Nationwide Installations

American Turf and Carpet has been installing commercial and event carpet and turf for over
20 years!


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