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Synthetic Grass for Special Events

Ideal for putting greens or events that require the look and feel of real grass

Looking for the look and feel of real grass but without the hassles? Consider Synthetic Grass – the next best thing to natural grass!

Synthetic Grass (also known as artificial grass) is a high-quality product with many uses. It is a grass-like surface engineered to mimic natural grass. Synthetic Grass can be used for special events including outdoor events, golf/sporting events, grass aisle runners for weddings, movie/television sets, events with animals, tradeshow booths and exhibits. Synthetic Grass is also suitable for permanent installation – sports facilities, childcare facilities, fitness centers, commercial properties, hotels and resorts, and residences  (especially in hot weather areas with frequent water usage restrictions).

Superior to artificial turf, our synthetic grass is as close to mother nature as it gets. Don’t get this premium product confused with carpet – it’s much better. Designed and engineered to simulate the beauty of natural grass, synthetic grass replicates natural grass blades and is soft, silky, resilient and durable. It’s porous heavy-duty backing makes it ideal for outdoor events and any type of event with animals because it allows water, spills, rainfall and animal urine to drain. The heavy-duty backing  is designed for long life and will not stretch, unlike the jute backing of carpet.

Synthetic  Grass is durable and easy to maintain. The color won’t fade – year after year, even under the brightest sunshine. It is also stain-proof, simple to clean (just rinse it), is non-abrasive, won’t harbor mold or mildew, frost-resistant, non flammable, and since it is made of 100% polyethylene it is free of lead and other heavy metals associated with other nylon-based synthetics.


We offer 4 types of Synthetic Grass

Landscape Light

Our most popular and natural looking synthetic grass for events and commercial/residential landscapes – designed for light to moderate traffic. Blade height is 1.6”.


Landscape Light – 1.6” blade height with brown thatch curls creates an authentic look for any event and is perfect for movie and tv shoots.

Landscape Pro

Designed for moderate to heavy traffic, Landscape Pro is a blend of tints – field green and olive green – that creates a mixed gradient aesthetic resembling a fescue grass look. Ideal of commercial /residential landscapes and high end special events. Blade height is 1.75”.

Landscape Pro – 1.75” blade height mixes colors to resemble a fescue grass look.

Nylon Putting Green

Designed to add fun and realism to any event or commercial/residential space. Perfect for special events associated with the golf industry or marketing and product launches for golf-related merchandise or services. Pile height is .5”

Nylon Putting Green – add a putting green with this .5” synthetic grass product.

Pet Turf

Specially designed for comfort and durability, Pet Turf can withstand heavy traffic, rough play and performance, and is safe for your pets.  Ideal for pet enclosures, dog shows or animal-related events. Pile height is 1”.

Pet Turf – 1” pile height is engineered to withstand rough play and performance.

In addition to the range of synthetic grass products we offer, American Turf and Carpet has a full line of specialty-colored grass that can be used to create one-of-a-kind designs using your corporate logo or custom design. We can create multi-colored grass inlays to enhance your event or facility.

Nationwide Installations

American Turf and Carpet has been installing commercial and event carpet and turf for over
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